Thames Explorer’s 30th birthday competition

Competition closes 31st May at 10am!

Win a place for your class this summer on a privately chartered Thames Clipper

This year Thames Explorer is celebrating 30 years of teaching pupils about the tidal Thames. To mark this we are launching a competition for schools in partnership with Tideway, the designers and builders of the new “super sewer” being constructed under the Thames, click here to learn more.

The competition

The competition is open to all Year 5 and 6 classes with the chance to win their class a place on a boat trip on a privately chartered Thames Clipper which will follow the path of the new sewer system. The trip will take place on Tuesday 10th July on a 160 seater vessel and will be made available to 3 classes from separate schools (see rules). This will be a unique sightseeing trip with some educational content about the sewer project and London’s Victorian past being delivered by Tideway and the Thames Explorer Trust on the boat. The round trip will depart from, and return to, London Bridge City Pier and will travel the tidal Thames through central London, touring some of the key Tideway sites. The trip will last around two and a half hours (there are toilets on board) returning around 2.30pm. If you are teaching, or have taught your class about rivers, this trip will give you a unique perspective of the Thames. To enter, read the rules, ask your class to research and answer the 10 multiple choice questions and say what the Thames means to you in no more than 100 words. Keep an eye on the front page of our website for any updates.

To enter please read the rules, answer the 10 questions and in no more than 100 words describe what the Thames means to you.

Keep an eye on the front page of our website for updates.

Good luck Thames Explorers.

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1) How many low tides are there on the river Thames in London every day?
2) In Victorian times the river Thames in London was very polluted. What was the name the Victorians gave to the terrible smell that came out of the Thames in 1858?
3) What is the name of the type of crab that lives in the Thames in London. Is it...
4) In 43AD the Romans settled on the banks of the Thames around the area where St. Pauls Cathedral is today. What did they call their settlement?
5) In Victorian times the river Thames was used as a giant sewer - flushing toilets were emptied directly into it. What else was the Thames water used for at this time?
6) Where does London get most of its drinking water today?
7) For many years London Bridge was the only bridge that connected the north and south side of the River Thames - Putney Bridge was the second built in 1726. Until London got more bridges what other means of crossing the Thames was very common?
8) True or false? At one time London Bridge had so many supporting piers (the legs that go into the water that bridges stand on) that the water flowing out to sea became so slow that the Thames occasionally froze over in winter. The ice was so thick that people held fairs on it, with horse racing, food stall and fairground shows.
9) The water in the River Thames in central London is...
10) What gives the river Thames in London its brown colour?

Many thanks for taking the time to learn about the river Thames. Don't forget to press submit.


· The competition is only open to years 5 and 6.

· Each class can make 1 submission only through their main class teacher.

· Multi form entry schools may make 1 submission per class, so a school with 3 year 5 and 3 year 6 classes may make 6 separate entries.

· There can be only 1 winning class per school.

· To enter, fill in your contact details, answer the 10 multiple choice questions and write in no more than 100 words what the Thames means to you. Don’t forget to submit your answers.

· Only 1 answer is correct for each question.

· The winners will be selected by the most correct answers and by their written piece.

· Teachers may guide and contribute to the answers – your class will learn more about the river if they research it themselves.

· Make sure your whole class know the answers regardless of who fills in the online form – the correct answers will be announced on Tuesday 5th June on the front page of our website.

· The 3 winning classes will be contacted by phone on Tuesday 5th June.

· We will post details of disabled access on the front page of our website as soon as we have confirmation of the exact vessel.

· Please try to ensure you will be free on the day of the trip and are able to get to the departure location on time.

· In order to maximise this unique opportunity, it is vital not cancel a winning place with under 3 weeks’ notice.

· Please treat this as you would any school outing with expectations of high standards of behaviour and a minimum of 3 accompanying adults (in addition to any one-to-one support). Up to 10 adult supervisors are welcome per class.

· Maximum class size is 31

· By entering you agree that your written work “What the Thames means to us” may be used in Thames Explorer’s or Tideway’s promotional material.

· Winning schools will be asked to complete a feedback form shortly after the trip.

· Once a term we send out a newsletter about our school trips. We understand if you would sooner not receive this. If this is the case please write “no newsletter” in the “What the Thames means to us” section (it wont be included in your word count)