Investigating the River Lea KS2

This programme provides an opportunity to observe the local environment and learn about the local history of the River Lea and how it is linked into a wider historical context.

Session 1

Activities on the riverside and in the classroom will introduce pupils to the River Lea and its connection to London and the Thames. Pupils will learn about geographical features and the water cycle. This is followed by role play with the Regeneration Game, a large floor game, which involves creating a natural river habitat and gaining an understanding of food chains and adaptations. Pupils then look at how the river environment has changed over time, gaining chronological knowledge from pre-history to present day. Pupils will investigate land use change and pollution and how human impact can pose a danger to living things. Through drama pupils will find “pollution solutions” to help devise a sustainable future for the local area. The riverside trail around Three Mills Island provides pupils with an opportunity to explore and observe the local environment and carryout a local history study; finding evidence of past and present environmental change. Pupils will also use the surrounding area to identify and name birds and discover how they have adapted to their habitat. During the riverside trail pupils will explore the world around them and are encouraged to raise their own questions about their local environment.

Session 2

A unique opportunity to tour the largest tidal mill in the world! Allowing pupils to investigate the importance of the mill, river industry and how tides can be used as a sustainable energy source. Fieldwork includes using a range of scientific equipment to record simple abiotic data (water temperature, weather, state of tide) and assessing water quality through chemical tests. Pupils will observe river features and river processes such as erosion, transportation and deposition.


House Mill and the River Lea.


Full day programme – 4 hours plus half an hour for lunch. Half day’s available on request.

Learning Objective

Please send us your learning objectives in advance of your trip so we can tailor the programme to your requirements.

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