Planning Your Visit

Pre Site Visits

Health & Safety

We are the authors of the Health and Safety guidelines of the Thames.

  • Risk Assessments are available on request but you must write your own.
  • You will be sent safety advice with your confirmation pack.
  • Safety guidelines for teachers bringing a class to the foreshore can be downloaded here.
  • Safety guidelines for teachers bringing a class to a riverbank programme can be downloaded here.

We want to make your visit as brilliant as possible!

Please provide details of your learning objectives when completing your booking form. We will try to fit in your schemes of work, so that we can tailor our work to the specific needs of your class.


Your feedback is very important to us and we learn a lot from it. We use it to make sure that we learn from your visit and are able to improve. We ask all schools to make sure that they fill in this form after their visit.