10 science experiments

KS2 science – outdoor activities.

This fun and informative one day course is a chance for KS2 teachers to explore some practical science activities that can be conducted outdoors.

The course is made up of four sessions that make use of four different environments. Although some take place by or on the river, all the experiments are designed to be flexible enough to transfer to your particular open space back at school.

The course takes place at our teaching site and head office in Chiswick, West London, which has good public transport links. We can accommodate up to 60 teachers in a day which will be split into 3 groups of 20, although we can accommodate more if you require. We need a minimum of 10 people to attend but Individuals or groups of less than 10 can contact us and where we can look at combining your day with other teachers. Sessions can take place on a day of your choosing if booking more than 10 (tide allowing), call us to check availability.

The day will be led by 2 or 3 of our experienced teachers (depending on the number of participants). Your group leader will give practical demonstrations of experiments for you to try, discuss and take back to your school.

Starting at 9.30 (9am arrival) and ending at 3.pm the itinerary is as follows:
Introduction and refreshments.
Location: Chiswick Pier Trust buildings
Session 1
Location: Dukes Meadows, a large open green space by the river.
Duration: 1 hour approx.
Session 2
Location: On the embankment and in the hall
Duration: 1 hour approx.
Location: Chiswick Pier Trust buildings
Duration: 1 hour
Session 3
Location: Chiswick Pier
Duration: 1 hour
Session 4
Location: Thames foreshore
Duration: 1 hour
Discussion and refreshment:
Location: Chiswick Pier Trust buildings

Prices below include lunch (wine optional for organsiations booking the entire session), refreshments at the start and end of the day, a data stick with our science resources and a set of Universal Indicator papers.

Prices per person inc VAT at the point of booking:
0-10 people £130 per head
10-20 people £120 per head
20-30 people £110 per head
30-40 people £100 per head
40-60+ people £90 per head

To discuss trips email Lorraine: lorraine@thames-explorer.org.uk or call 020 8742 0057