Port Of London Outreach

This programme provides an opportunity to learn about the history of the River Thames and how it links into a wider historical context.



A member of our staff can come to your school to teach between 2 to 3 workshops during the day. We can teach up to 30 pupils for 1.5- 2 hours. For best results the use of a large space such as a hall is recommended. We will also need the use of a screen, projector and computer. We will tailor each workshop to suit the age group, ability and schemes of work of each class. Additionally you can opt for a 10-minute presentation during your school assembly using the Port of London to demonstrate how, on a global scale, we all depend upon each other.


Workshops include hands-on activities using the Port of London floor game – floor maps of the world and the Thames Estuary. Pupils will investigate world trade and the Port of London to gain an understanding of geography on a local and global scale. This is followed by role-play to discover the history of the Port of London.

Subject to funding, FREE full-day programmes are available to state schools. For information please email Heather


Full day programme.

Learning Objective

Please send us your learning objectives in advance of your trip so we can tailor the programme to your requirements.

Please help us preserve London’s heritage by not taking artefacts from the foreshore

Please read our artefact policy