Workshops for KS1, KS2 & SEND



A member of our staff will come to your school and teach up to 4 one-hour workshops or 2 two-hour workshops during the day. Each workshop is suitable for up to 30 pupils and will be adapted to fit into your school timetable. For the best results the use of a hall is recommended, as well as a screen, projector and computer. We can tailor each workshop to suit the age group, ability and schemes of work of each class.


Workshops will include revision of geographical features and the water cycle. Role-play with the River of Life floor game involves creating a natural river habitat and gaining an understanding of food chains and adaptations. Pupils will look at how the river environment has changed over time and how pollution and human impact can pose a danger to living things. Through drama, pupils will explore environmental issues and find “pollution solutions” to help devise a sustainable future for the Thames.


Full day programme.

Learning Objective

Please send us your learning objectives in advance of your trip so we can tailor the programme to your requirements.

Please help us preserve London’s heritage by not taking artefacts from the foreshore

Please read our artefact policy