Health & safety

Foreshore health & Safety

We are the authors of the Health and Safety guidelines of the Thames foreshore.

  • Model Risk Assessments are available on request but you should write your own.
  • You will be sent safety advice with your confirmation pack.
  • Safety guidelines for teachers bringing a class to the foreshore can be downloaded here.
  • Safety guidelines for teachers bringing a class to a riverbank programme can be downloaded here.

Waterborne disease:

Pupils may come into contact with river water.  In these circumstances, our staff will give appropriate advice. River water contains various micro-organisms, so there is a small possibility of contracting disease. If you experience any unusual symptoms after working on the river seek medical advice. Weil’s disease is uncommon in the UK but can be fatal if not treated promptly with antibiotics. Indicators are flu-like symptoms, vomiting, high temperature, persistent headaches and muscle pains. If any one of your party develops these symptoms within 3 weeks of a visit (although this is true at any time), seek medical advice referencing river water and Weil’s disease.