Thames Art Factory KS2

Creative arts programmes are available at Chiswick on request. We are happy to help you plan an arts programme and we can adapt our programmes to suit your requirements.


Session 1

Pupils walk along the riverside to learn traditional sketching techniques.

EITHER – Session 2A: Water Colours

Indoors: pupils learn techniques including: using water colour, colour mixing, creating washes, adding detail using a fine brush and using a colour chart. They also discover how artists in the past have painted and sketched the Thames. Outdoors pupils will learn how to observe and frame a suitable image. Using the techniques that they have acquired will enable pupils to produce a water colour painting of the river. An artist will help pupils focus on the water with its changing light and colour as well as the surrounding landscape.

OR – Session 2B: Print making

Pupils produce a simple monoprint using natural materials that they have collected along the riverside. Pupils will then produce a working drawing from their sketches that will form the basis of their print and taught how to transfer their drawing to a polystyrene print block. Pupils will then produce a series of prints using water based inks.

Plenary session: At the end of the programme pupils will have the opportunity to peer assess their work then take it home as a record of their day.




Full day programme – 4 hours plus half an hour for lunch. Half day’s available on request.

Learning Objective

Please send us your learning objectives in advance of your trip so we can tailor the programme to your requirements.

Please help us preserve London’s heritage by not taking artefacts from the foreshore

Please read our artefact policy