Welcome to the City Circular Route


This is a circular route along the south and north banks of the Thames in central London. Join the route anywhere and follow it either clockwise or anticlockwise.


  • For our wheelchair access report please click the Accessibility button below which to go to our Accessibility page.
  • On occasions the path outside the Tower of London is closed for ceremonial activities. If this is the case both walkers and wheelchair users can find an alternative route by clicking the Accessibility button below and downloading the Access Map at the bottom of that page.
  • Tower of London – the best views are from the west side of the bridge, however this means you have to use steps on the south side and walk around the back of the Tower of London to get back on the route. Using the east walkway (walking under the bridge) allows you to use the lift and the steps.
  • There are lifts on the north bank of the Millennium Bridge at Point 4 and on the south bank under Tower Bridge.
  • Parts of the south bank can get busy at weekends and during Christmas when the winter fairs are held.


As you come across public toilets please drop us an email so we can include them here. Currently, toilets can be found here: